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Official CloudCityMC Rules

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Chat Rules

No Hackusating This means: Accusing a player of hacking (having an unfair advantage) is against the rules. If you believe someone is hacking, tell the staff immediately, if no one is on, feel free to mention Chew just by saying "Chew" in chat.
No Death Wishes Death wishes (or "preferring", or "suggesting") are strictly forbidden. Saying terms such as, but not limited to, "kys", "go die", "i prefer you dead", will result in a mute.
Racism/Sexual misconduct is not allowed Saying stuff like "omg i hate girls, too fat" will result in mute. This is mostly assumed but severe conducts are immediately muted.
EXPLICIT: Examples Saying terms like "niggers should die" or "I hate jews, they should all burn" WILL RESULT IN A BAN! Severe cases like this will be punished severely.
Do not bypass a punishment Bypassing your mute in any way (namely irc) will result in a temp-ban in place of the mute time. E.g. if you were muted for 10 minutes and you bypassed, your remaining time will be as a temp-ban. It's pretty easy to tell that you've bypassed a mute on IRC, and if your account is known, it will be muted on IRC as well.
Bypassing a ban is the same concept, it is very easy to tell who is on an alt bypassing their ban. The alt will be banned permanently and its ip (regardless of it being the same ip as the banned user) will be banned for the remaining time of the punishment.
No Bullying Others Bullying is not allowed. Being mean to someone specifically in chat will result in a mute. No punishments will be given if players are just joking around with one another, but this is not considered unless both people agree it's a joke.
Do not spam the chat Do not spam the chat. Saying 3 messages in the span of 5 seconds counts as spam. This also includes saying the same message 3 or more times in a 2 minute period.
Do not disrespect staff Disrespecting staff in any way, such as accusing them of abuse, hacking, breaking the rules, etc, will result in a mute at the staff's discretion. REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE ACTUALLY DOING WHAT YOU ARE ACCUSING THEM OF, NOTIFY CHEW IMMEDIATELY (by saying it in chat)
ABSOLUTELY NO ADVERTISING If an IP is said in chat, the mute AND ban chart will be bypassed and a ban will be issued. If a server name is said in chat, a warning will be issued. If a user is convincing people to go to that server (e.g. "Hey wanna join mineplex?") may result in a mute chart mute.
Better Explanation Discussing other servers without saying their name is okay. "Wanna play mine-strike with me?" is ok. "Wanna play mine-strike ON MINEPLEX!??! with me" is not ok. The bannable offense is when you convince others to join you on a specific server. "Come join me on mineplex!" Will result in a ban chart ban. "This server sucks!! MINEPLEX IS BETTER THAN CLOUDCITY" is a definite permanent ban.
No Impersonating Staff or Youtubers Pretending you are someone else will result in a ban.
No selling stuff outside of the server. (like alts, your merch, etc) will bypass the ban chart and result in a permanent ban.

Playing Rules

All rules except rule 1 go immediately to the ban chart.

No Hacking. This includes: Flying, speed mining, x-ray, kill aura, force field, or regen. Anything not stated on this list is not explicitly not allowed but can still be punished if it gives the player an unfair advantage. This rule bypasses the Ban Chart and is a perm ban. All hacking is based on the banning mod's opinion and knowledge of hackers
No Combat Logging If a player enters combat (a player attacks another player, or vice versa) neither of the players may log out for 10 seconds after the last attack, nor may they enter a Non-PvP (safe) zone, this includes: Teleporting away (although ender pearls are allowed), or entering a claim others can't enter (locked with a plugin). This ban wears off until combat is not enabled (10 seconds after the last attack)
Rules about Alting Using an alt to help with your main account (e.g. using an alt to mine stuff while your main idles at a farm) is against the rules. Using an alt is allowed if no interaction between the main and the alternate accounts occurs. If caught, the alt will be banned permanently.
No bypassing the Anti-AFK Timer If the Player is AFK, they must not bypass the AFK timer in any way. This also bans Minechat because you're not really in-game and bypasses the AFK timer.

Ban Times and Punishments Table

Mute Chart

Mute Offense Length of Mute
First Mute Offense 15m mute
Second Mute Offense 30m mute
Third Mute Offense 1h mute
Fourth Mute Offense 3h mute
Fifth Mute Offense 6h mute
Sixth Mute Offense 9h mute
Seventh Mute Offense 12h mute
Eighth+ Mute Offense See Ban Chart

Ban Chart

Ban Offense Length of Ban
First Ban Offense 1h ban
Second Ban Offense 3h ban
Third Ban Offense 6h ban
Fourth Ban Offense 12h ban
Fifth Ban Offense 18h ban
Sixth Ban Offense 24h ban
Seventh Ban Offense 32h ban
Eighth Ban Offense 48h ban
Ninth Ban Offense 48h ban
Tenth Ban Offense Permanent Ban